Sx3_guns podcast

I love my Buckeye steel targets! I have the plate hangers and the Dueling tree. I’ve also shot the Popper and the Spinner, all are a blast.
I really like the visual and audible feedback, you can hear and see your hits, it’s very satisfying especially for beginners, they will want to get back out shooting again with you as soon as possible.
My favorite is this dueling tree, it’s much lighter than others I’ve used. The base and the mast are seperate which makes it very easy to transport but solid as a rock when setup. The paddles are ar 500 steel which makes them tough enough to spank with my Rossi .357 magnum carbine with no sign of wear. The added stressor of competing against a friend to knock the plates to his side is a great way to sharpen my shooting skills.
Great product, great people, if you don’t have any steel targets Get Some!

Stan Cottam.
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Sx3_guns podcast