16″ Auto Popper

Clay Pigeon Holders Set of 6

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Giant Spinner

Ipsic Hanging Torso

Ipsic Paper Targets

An alternative to the cardboard IPSIC targets. These are printed on standard paper.

measurements are 23” x 35”

Paddle Dueling Tree

Shooters kit

Pick up our shooters kit and hit the range. Kit includes your choice of gong size and our A stand. The A stand will include our coupling kit to attach to 3/4” emt conduit. Gongs come with our standard hanging kit. These kits now come unpainted so that we can pass the savings on to our customers.

Standard human Silhouette

A standard human silhouette target on standard paper. This is a great all around target!

measurements are 23” x 35”

Steel Challenge

The steel challenge plates come in a variety of sizes from 8″ – 12″.  All plates are 3/8″ AR500 steel.                     Our “X stand” breaks down for easy transport. Set up is fast and easy!

Torso with Bad Guy Swinger

Full sized torso. 18″x30″. Made from 3/8″ AR500. Comes with a 6″  “hostage” swinger and our X base for a complete shooting experience.

Vitals Target

These are our custom “vitals” target. High visibility colors for the critical hit zones. These are a high quality target for anyone wanting to get something for training or just for fun.

Measurements are 23” x  35”